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DWWs Ultra-Low Power IP cores enable new business opportunities for OEMs designing competitive wireless solutions focused on various market segments

  • Wireless Sensor Networks (e.g home and industrial applications)
  • Mid data rate wireless applications (e.g. voice or audio)
  • High date rate, streaming applications (e.g. Video or Data/Voice Back-Bone-Network)

Sensors - Key Elements of Monitoring and Control Applications
Sensors are becoming more and more an important part of a automation process in various applications (like building automation, Energy monitoring & control system). New Technologies make detection of these senses objective, quantifiable and on the other side available over a flexible networks. Technology as an aid and a supplement to human senses means giving technology a human the ability to control and monitor processes automatically anytime - anywhere. Nothing within the field of electrical engineering comes closer to this than sensor technology embedded in a wireless network. If the active components, the so-called actuators, are taken into account as well, many possibilities of supporting human life become available.
This also applies to working life, where the degree of automation has continuously increased in recent years. On the one hand, this facilitates are meaning an increase of value-added goods produced, on the other hand it means a relief from monotonous physical labour and an improvement of quality of life.
With home automation, it is just the other way round: Here, a direct improvement of quality of life is intended, e.g. by increasing the comfort of people
s homes. Another, by no means less important, side-effect of a reasonable automated control will be a more efficient use of resources.

Enabling new business opportunities based on high performance WSN networks
One of DWWs aim is to improve the performance and flexibility of wireless sensor network based on e.g. FSK or 801.15.4-2003 (2.4 GHz or 868 MHz with 20/40 Kbps) ICs, which are used e.g. in home automation applications. Due to the well known issues with FSK based IC solutions, wireless sensor networking and the transmission of sensor data has been limited to very small home applications.
Due to DWWs IP cores very competitive wireless solutions for WSN are available:

  • Much higher data rates in limited bands (e.g. 250 / 500 kbps in the 868 MHz band).

  • Best coverage in indoor environments.

  • Less complex ICs, resulting in less power consumption and longer battery life time.

These high performance solutions based on DWWs IP cores are now allowing OEMs to build new wireless network applications in market segments like industrial control or Security, where e.g. FSK based ICs have failed. The IP Core is based on the PSSS based IEEE802.15.4-2006 Sub 1GHz PHY

Wireless Sensor Networks
Possible applications are:

  • Building / Home Automation, monitoring and Control
  • Entrance System (doors, garage)
  • AMR (Automatic Meter Reading)
  • Window monitoring
  • Lightning Control
  • Access Control
  • HVAC Control
  • Security monitoring

Industrial / Enterprise Processing & Automation
Typical applications are:

  • Temperature Control and Sensing

  • Pressure Sensing

  • Flow Control

  • Level Sensing

Energy and Utility Automation
Typical applications are:

  • Residential Demand Response

  • Power Distribution Diagnostics

  • SCADA Systems

RFID & Logistics
Typical applications are:

  • Container Security

  • Cold Chain Monitoring

  • Asset Tracking

Mid data rate Wireless Applications
Typical applications are:

  • Audio Headphones, speaker, etc.

  • Control PC Mouse, games

  • Monitoring Pictures of homes

High data rate Applications
Typical applications are:

  • HD wireless content streaming

  • Backbone networks, optical and electrical